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Anti Intruder System - War AREA

Anti Intruder System - War Area
War Anti-Intruder with a new completely revamped system, with several bug fixes and with great new features to enhance the PVP and WAR have other options.
1 - WAR Traditional
2 - WAR without UE
3 - WAR only SD

WAR Traditional
WAR Traditional its name already says, is the normal WAR without any change, using all available at no extra rules spells. See an example of the command:

WAR without UE
WAR without UE, this rule will prohibit the use of spells below:
exevo gran mas frigo
exevo gran mas flam
exevo gran mas tera
exevo gran mas vis
The NPC will ask if you want to release all the UE's, talk YES to release and NO to block.

WAR only SD
WAR only SD, this rule will prohibit the use of the following runes and spells:
great fireball
stone shower
exevo vis hur
exevo tera hur
exevo frigo hur
exevo gran frigo hur
exevo flam hur
The NPC will ask if you want to release all the runes and spells in area, talk YES to release and NO to block.

Available maps.

Additional Information.
The NPCs responsible for the War-Private are located in the ship/boat at the lower floor from their respective cities. After a guild invite other, will have a period of 5 minutes to accept the invitation. After accepting the area is released for 2 hours. No player can log into the War Anti-Intruder. The Player can access the area through the NPC or by using one of the commands listed below.

Understand the new command
Use the following commands to teleport to the anti-intruder area, they may only be used in areas PZ. Each anti-intruder city has its respective command.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
332 / 500
Players Online