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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Insane Pvp is guild leader of Realtime.
The guild was founded on Hornera Global on 19 May 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the LeaderFamoso Die
Elite Knight 521 Offline
the LeaderInsane Pvp
Elite Knight 537 Offline
the LeaderPaulin
Elder Druid 524 Offline
a Vice-LeaderCartman
Royal Paladin 474 Offline
a Vice-LeaderKing Siize
Elder Druid 510 Offline
a Vice-LeaderNeo John
Master Sorcerer 506 Offline
a Vice-LeaderRatazana Noyer
Elder Druid 407 Offline
a MemberAdub
Elite Knight 499 Offline
a MemberAggalius
Royal Paladin 453 Offline
a MemberBon'jovi
Elder Druid 459 Offline
a MemberCosmic Jesus
Royal Paladin 431 Online
a MemberDani Tankbazir
Elder Druid 408 Offline
a MemberDitohx Ms
Master Sorcerer 403 Offline
a MemberDkz
Royal Paladin 416 Offline
a MemberDoon Obscurity
Elder Druid 421 Offline
a MemberDuke Lucky
Elder Druid 329 Offline
a MemberFinnu Submisso
Master Sorcerer 416 Offline
a MemberGui
Elder Druid 401 Offline
a MemberHie
Master Sorcerer 383 Offline
a MemberJade
Elder Druid 347 Offline
a MemberLondon
Elder Druid 372 Offline
a MemberMajestic
Master Sorcerer 420 Offline
a MemberOld Pub
Elite Knight 416 Offline
a MemberOvo Direito
Master Sorcerer 365 Offline
a MemberPash
Elder Druid 310 Offline
a MemberPaulinsz
Royal Paladin 513 Offline
a MemberPekka
Elder Druid 359 Offline
a MemberRavena
Master Sorcerer 400 Offline
a MemberRocruz
Master Sorcerer 443 Offline
a MemberWrat
Elder Druid 426 Offline
a MemberZelphyros
Royal Paladin 393 Offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

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