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Mercy Flow

New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Maxter Night is guild leader of Mercy Flow.
The guild was founded on Hornera Global on 11 August 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
The LeaderMaxter Night
Elite Knight 410 Offline
a Vice-LeaderAbarixia
Elder Druid 410 Offline
a Vice-LeaderDeivid Flow
Elder Druid 335 Offline
a Vice-LeaderNo Soy Pali
Paladin 249 Offline
a MemberArlyn
Master Sorcerer 419 Offline
a MemberElite-qlimax
Elite Knight 306 Offline
a MemberEver
Royal Paladin 339 Offline
a MemberFlamita
Master Sorcerer 254 Offline
a MemberGold Experience
Elder Druid 361 Offline
a MemberHufflepuff
Elite Knight 306 Offline
a MemberKamba War
Elite Knight 461 Offline
a MemberKuing Mx
Elite Knight 205 Offline
a MemberPowe Blood
Royal Paladin 349 Offline
a MemberPros-ty
Elder Druid 318 Offline
a MemberRegor Jr
Elder Druid 324 Offline
a MemberSage The Gemini
Elder Druid 295 Offline
a MemberTimmy Turnner
Elite Knight 360 Offline
a MemberTragate Esta Perro
Elder Druid 436 Offline
a MemberTurco Flow
Elder Druid 320 Offline
a MemberWilliam Flow
Master Sorcerer 413 Offline

Invited Characters
Smary Tankea
Raynex Heross
Regor Flow

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
38 / 500
Players Online