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Chanekinhos TM

New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Magofull Pisto is guild leader of Chanekinhos TM.
The guild was founded on Hornera Global on 7 July 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the LeaderMagofull Pisto
Elder Druid 380 Offline
the LeaderSkeptical
Royal Paladin 418 Offline
a Vice-LeaderExoriicon Max
Royal Paladin 454 Offline
a MemberAlanswa The Mytho
Master Sorcerer 345 Offline
a MemberAlmighty'pawel
Master Sorcerer 433 Offline
a MemberBarafull Pisto
Master Sorcerer 319 Offline
a MemberBettoxz Stormborn
Master Sorcerer 380 Offline
a MemberChikistrikis
Royal Paladin 412 Offline
a MemberDiamond Princess
Elder Druid 322 Offline
a MemberEmiliano
Elder Druid 536 Offline
a MemberGnomo
Elder Druid 449 Offline
a MemberGucci 69
Master Sorcerer 479 Offline
a MemberGwiazda Art
Royal Paladin 324 Offline
a MemberHennessy
Royal Paladin 454 Offline
a MemberItz Sinaloa
Elite Knight 500 Offline
a MemberJessamine
Master Sorcerer 530 Offline
a MemberKing Vitro
Master Sorcerer 395 Offline
a MemberKryzao
Royal Paladin 605 Offline
a MemberLuisfull Pisto
Master Sorcerer 308 Offline
a MemberLuisz
Royal Paladin 331 Offline
a MemberMexicanocabron
Master Sorcerer 384 Offline
a MemberMexicanojr
Royal Paladin 262 Offline
a MemberPaaramax Missclick
Elder Druid 336 Offline
a MemberPhobos
Elder Druid 314 Online
a MemberRat King
Elite Knight 399 Offline
a MemberReyzor Putazotes
Elite Knight 347 Offline
a MemberRhaz Missclick
Elder Druid 397 Offline
a MemberRip
Master Sorcerer 471 Offline
a MemberRoniek 69
Royal Paladin 507 Offline
a MemberRonyfull Pisto
Elder Druid 322 Offline
a MemberSilver Man Jr
Elder Druid 400 Offline
a MemberSzckylaendaer
Royal Paladin 307 Offline
a MemberTan Terror
Elder Druid 357 Offline
a MemberVelo Sollus
Master Sorcerer 362 Offline
a MemberXaman
Master Sorcerer 478 Online

Invited Characters
Ava Southwest

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
149 / 500
Players Online