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28 Mar 2017 -
[CLIENT]: Download section has been removed from the...
[CLIENT]: Download section has been removed from the website, in order to download it please visit our Facebook page.
15 Mar 2017 -
[ANNOUCEMENT]: Hornera has just started.
[ANNOUCEMENT]: Hornera has just started.
12 Mar 2017 -
[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Hornera Global v5.0.1 will start...
[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Hornera Global v5.0.1 will start shortly.
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IP: - Version: 10.98 - Port: 7171

Hornera Global - Server Info - (see more features of the server).

Our server contain a Global Map with almost every quest, all the spawns, NPCS, Zombie Plague, Capture the Flag, Battlefield, Cast System, Private War (remade), HP & MP Leech system, Boss Reward System and much more.
Join us today, and have lots of fun with friends. Create Account.
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